Adventures of Superman #50 | Superman (1978)

fuck this noise i’m gonna go eat maccas and watch some fuckin fraggle rock

Favourites moments in: Bioshock Infinite (I/?).

↳Rescuing Elizabeth/leaving Monument Island.


let’s kill some reapers ‡ a mass effect fanmix, music to kill reapers to because the galaxy ain’t gonna save itself, so grab your gun and get ready to be a big goddamn hero (listen)

01. pacific rim - ramin djawadi
02. radioactive in the dark - imagine dragons/fall out boy
03. citadel underbelly - cris velasco & sascha dikiciyan
04. heads will roll (a-trak remix radio edit) - yeah yeah yeahs
05. sail (unlimited gravity remix) - awolnation
06. seven nation army (mob glitch remix) - the white stripes
07. beast (vicetone remix) - nico vega
08. disc wars - daft punk
09. glory and gore - lorde
10. power (instrumental with hook) - kanye west
11. the battle of breed’s hill - lorne balfe
12. bones (charli xcx remix) - ms mr
13. what makes a good man? (radio edit) - the heavy
14. monster - imagine dragons
15. breath of life - florence + the machine
16. strength of a thousand men - two steps from hell


well then WHAT is the point

Is highschool life in Canada really like degrassi?


yeah we all went to high school with drake

"[Qui-Gon] was not in touch with [Count Dooku]. He had not expected to be. Their relationship had not been based on friendship. It had been one of teacher and student. It was natural that they should not be in each other’s lives. It would be different with Obi-Wan, Qui-Gon thought. He saw ahead to the days when Obi-Wan would be a Jedi Knight, and he would like to be part of that.

The Legacy of the Jedi, by Jude Watson